It is our duty to help our youth prepare for adulthood. While providing educational and cultural programs for the youth is our focus, we provide teens and children the opportunity to mature, build good communication skills, and engage each other in ways they may not ordinarily. 

Community Diversity

Neighborhood Events

Nothing brings people together like a well-planned party or event. HEYO Honor Society participates in numerous fun-filled community activities throughout the year. From bike tours and 5K runs to spring and fall festivals and parades. We also host events to help raise awareness for issues affecting the youth community.

Building Communities Among Our Youth 

There are a lot of issues that our growing youth community faces, from public education to affordable educational youth activities. HEYO Honor Society works at the ground level, helping to bring families together to smooth out many issues amoung of youth community.  We create educational opportunities for all youth reguardless of their familly income levels.   Our organization offers educational programs for youth year around.  We create events for the youth community that are meant to unify families and bring communities to gether for the greater good of all families and communities.

Youth Programs

Reaching out and becoming involved is one of the best ways to build character and self-esteem, as well as meet other like-minded people. HEYO Honor Society works with community agencies to promote volunteerism. 

Diversity and inclusiveness are important ingredients for a healthy and vibrant youth outreach. Nature thrives when the environment is diverse, so does a community of youth. HEYO Honor Society is dedicated to broadening the understanding of the many different backgrounds among our youth and families that make up our communities. 


Higher Endeavors Youth Outreach Honor Society