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 HEYO Honor Society's...   Mission...    Vision...  &  Purpose...

HEYO Honor Society based in Atlanta Georgia has a (Mission) to provide students free tutors for all k-12 academic studies.  In addition to these services, this nonprofit provides free mentors for K-12 students and positive, educational outlets for youth year around.  Our mission continually drives our staff to  build a better, stronger, highly positive and educated youth community.

Our Future Leaders...are truly among our youth of today so, we welcome and encourage famlies from all over to get more involved with their youth in the most postive way.  

This statement leads to Our (Vision) within HEYO Honor Society:  Our vision is always to provide experienced, qualified and educated youth leaders whose main focus is to develop skillful and highly educated leaders among our youth community. 

There is no stronger bond than family and our (Purpose) is to continue to create a well educated and strong extended family among our youth community.  So we at HEYO Honor Society WELCOME YOU to join us

within on our Vision, Mission and Purpose by getting to know your youth community and lending a hand within your youth community when and where you can. Your youth community is our youth community, and we together, must all take part within the postive education of our youth community.

Higher EndeavorsYouth Outreach Honor Society

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